Content Policy


YoGigs is a marketplace platform act as an intermediary between Customers and Taskers.

We have gone to lengths to ensure that our users maintain complete ownership over their content. We believe that both we and the publishers are responsible for the content hosted on our service and as such we feel it necessary to establish an expanding and evolving set of policies that will steer our platform in the best possible direction.

Listings and Profiles

We expect taskers to create their service listings that are honest, clear and helpful for customers.We prohibit the following:

  • Fraud and deceptive content
  • Any political, social and religious commentary
  • Content refers to website investigation
  • Content promote illegal activities or violence

  • Reviews and Feedback:

    We expect honest feedback from the customers.We prohibit the following:

    Reviews do not represent tasker’s experience
    Any political, social and religious reviews
    Content that is used for extortion or blackmail